Program Improvement requirements will continue in the 2013-2014 school year.


The 2013 Adequate Yearly Progress Report Information Guide and

Up dates are available online at:


Information on PI identification can be found on the CDE PI Status Determinations Web page at:


Template letters are available on the CDE Parental Notification Templates Web page at


List of state-approved SES providers:


Legal and other resources for public school choice transportation and SES are available at:


Guidelines for Effective Meeting Facilitation


Accountability Progress Reporting (APR): – provides data on AYP, API by school and district, along with the LEA’s PI status and Title III data for your analysis. – provides school level percent proficiency data in all subjects at various grade levels.


State tools for any underperforming school or LEA and information regarding their use is located at the CDE website:


Analyze School and District Fiscal Data


AB 1200 Analysis$586


The LEA Plan Addendum template is available on the CDE Year 1 Program Improvement Requirements for LEAs Web Page at:

The Accountability Progress Reports (APR) display up to 7 years of the state Academic Performance Index (API), the federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), and Program Improvement (PI) cycle data and charts on one page. These reports include targets, participation, and proficiency rates of all major subgroups and indications of what targets were met or missed.

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