September 2016 State & Federal Programs Update


September 14, 2016 State and Federal Program Directors' Updates
September 16, 2016 State and Federal Program Directors’ Updates

Click here to access the following resources for the September 16th SFPD Meeting:

  1. The September State Board of Education Update (Nancy Brownell)
  2. ESSA Plan Development Update (Barbara Murchison)
  3. CA Collaborative of Educational Excellence (CCEE)
  4. Evidence of Progress Report (PI Year 3 LEAs)
  5. College Readiness Block Grant
  6. Top-Level Data Display Samples (Potential Online Access Models)

If you have questions or are in need of clarification, please contact the Regional System of District & School Support – Region 4: Robin Hall (Executive Director) at / 510-670-4170 or Kelly Wylie (Program Director) at / 510-670-4252.




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